Collaboration with the National Association of Bangsamoro Education, Inc. (NABEi) for a Volunteer Teachers Program

A volunteer program between the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines and the NABEi fostering shared learning and understanding between Filipino Muslims and non-Muslim Filipinos through Catholic and Bangsamoro (NABEi) schools. This program is currently on its ;irst phase of implementation.

Benefits for Catholic Volunteers: Personal experience of Muslim homes and communities in the Philippines shall promote and increase insight into, understanding of, and solidarity with Filipino Muslim individuals, families and communities; Personal skills in self-expression and leadership honed; Insight developed into the “common good” which includes the communities of Muslim Filipinos; Spiritual growth based on appreciation of “the Common Word.”

Benefits for Bangsamoro schools: Relatively competent teachers for non- religious “content subjects” (English, Pilipino, Mathematics, Science, etc.) in Madaris aligned to DepEd standards; Advancement in “Second Jihad” for Education (as stated by MILF Chairman Murad Ebrahim); Strengthened Bangsamoro citizens and communities; Opportunity for personal and institutional growth through dialogue and shared prayer with non-Muslim Filipinos.

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