This website is about Jesuits in Mindanao.  More precisely, it is about Jesuits in the Philippines trying to improve their apostolic service for Mindanao.

It is an outgrowth of the Mindanao Conversations convened by Fr. Provincial Antonio Moreno at ADDU on 26-28 Decemer 2013.  These conversations were occasioned immediately by the Zamboanga Crisis last 9-28 September 2013, but also by the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus.  Jesuits and partners conversed about how Jesuit apostolic activity in Mindanao might be improved.

The result of the Mindanao Conversations was a series of ten action points. Subsequently, Fr. Provincial appointed an Executive Committee (Execom) to implement the action points.  The members are:

  • Fr. Joel Tabora, SJ – Ateneo de Davao University, President (Chair)
  • Fr. Braulio Dahunan, SJ – Indigenous Peoples Jesuit Ministry
  • Ms Gail de la Rita – Xavier University, Research and Social Outreach
  • Atty. Jaime G. Hofileña – Ateneo de Manila University, Vice President for Social Development
  • Datu Mussolini Lidasan – Ateneo de Davao University, Al Qalam Institute for Islamic Identities and Dialogue
  • Fr. Wilfredo Samson, SJ – Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Assistant to the President for Formation
  • Mr. Romulo Vinci Bueza – Ateneo de Davao University, Technical Assistant to the President (Secretary)


Fr. Provincial also appointed an Advisory Committee to the Execom.  The members are:

  • Fr. Albert Alejo, SJ – Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Assistant to the President for Social Development
  • Fr. Victor Baltazar, SJ – Center for Ignatian Spirituality
  • Fr. Gabriel Jose Gonzales, SJ – Ateneo de Davao University, Academic Vice President
  • Fr. Karel San Juan, SJ – Ateneo de Zamboanga University, President
  • Dr. Leah Vidal – Ateneo de Davao University, Institute of Anthropology
  • Fr. Primitivo Viray, SJ – Ateneo de Naga University, President
  • Fr. Pedro Walpole, SJ – Environmental Science for Social Change
  • Fr. Roberto Yap, SJ – Xavier University, President

When the Execom first met with Fr. Provincial in de la Costa House on 8 March, the ten action points had been edited down to seven.  Fr. Provincial entrusted these action points to the Execom for implementation.

With reference to these seven action points, this website seeks to track  (a) what we have agreed must be done?  (b) what is ongoing?  and (c) what has been done?

Our visitors are invited to interact with us online, or to join us in improving our Jesuit service in Mindanao.

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