Advocating for Cultural Transformation and Regeneration in Mindanao

What must be done?

  • Establish Universities and Colleges Athletics Association of Mindanao (UCAAM) for values and leadership formation for peace. Support and promote the Piece for Peace sports initiative among the various universities in Mindanao.
  • Push paradigm shift to make environmental responsibility a cultural imperative.
  • Support Madrasah schools in support of Filipino Muslim education, dialogue and leadership formation.
  • Support Mindanawon arts that inspire a culture of peace and hope.
  • Prepare teachers for Madrasah schools through ADDU Islamic Studies Program.
  • Promotion of collaboration in projects for the people such as Gawad Kalinga (GK) which promotes inter-cultural contact, friendship, understanding, reconciliation and shared action for peace.

What’s ongoing?

  • Support the newly formed National Association for Bangsamoro Education, Inc.
  • Thirty Five (35) IP College graduates from 2001 to 2014 – (ADDU)
  • Basic Literacy Program for the Obo Manobo in Brgy. Carmen, Baguio District, Davao City – (ADDU)
  • Development of culturally responsive IP curriculum for the T’boli of Lake Sebu (ADDU)

What has been done?

  • Conference on Transformative Land and Water Governance (May 21-23 in Malaybalay, Bukidnon)
  • Gawad Kalinga Sulu at Tulungatong, Zamboanga City
  • Institute for Indigenous People Education (IIPE) – (ADDU)
  • Self-determination by full control and management of the ancestral domain in the Bagobo Tagabawa community of Barangay Sibulan. – (ADDU)
  • Creating an Open Space for a Learning Conversation among Tribal Chieftains with Diverse Views on Mineral Development. – (ADDU)
  • Training in Self-REpresentation and Cultural Regeneration – (ADDU)
  • Promoting Indigenous People’s Rights in their Ancestral Lands and Poverty Reduction Intervention through Sustainable Agriculture – Specially aims to help the Agusanon Manobo communities in the four municipalities of Esperanza, San Luis, Bayugan I, and Prosperidad. – (ADDU)
  • Publications – (ADDU)
    • Sikami’n Lumad (We, the Lumads)
    • Pooviyan woy qontangan: Balaod ug Paghusay sa mga Manobo sa Apo Sondawa
    • Meme na Mindanaw (Lullaby for Peace)
  • Lumad Scholarship Program – (ADDU)

One thought on “Advocating for Cultural Transformation and Regeneration in Mindanao

  1. David Troy Manog Francisquete

    are there scholarships for other lumads in ADDU? it is because the university’s scholarship is not as exposed compared to the other privileges offered by the other institutions. e.g University of Mindanao. i want to study to ADDU sana however, wala akong nakitang scholarship for lumads. sayang! thanks….

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