Appropriating and Integrating Ignatian Spirituality for Social Transformation

What must be done?

  • Vigorously promote the SpEx in its original, directed form.
  • Promote the SpEx adapted to the needs of diverse religious groups. Begin with Muslims in our schools/parishes.
  • Promote depth understanding of one’s own faith.
  • Promote inter- and intra-faith dialogue on various levels, including on the level of communities on the ground, based on personal experience of God and insight into the dignity of the human individual and human society. Promote immersions in the religious communities of other faiths.
  • Develop a phalanx of spiritual directors who can guide various forms of the encounters with God, esp. the SpEx, and accompany leaders as they seek God and labor for peace and social transformation in Mindanao.
  • Offer ongoing series of lectures or conversations on spirituality and/or the SpEx as it is relevant to the historical challenges of Mindanao.
  • Sensitize people not only to the richness of religious doctrine but to imperatives of conscience based on social justice and the common good.

What’s ongoing?

  • Use the St. Ignatius Spirituality Center in Samal (beginning April, 2014) for both these purposes (also as part of the observance of the bicentennial of the restoration of the Society of Jesus).

What has been done?

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