What must be done?

  • Each institution must include the common good as an overriding theme in the discussions on peace, economics, environment, spirituality and leadership in Mindanao. Commitment to the common good as a religious/ethical imperative.
  • Develop a leadership institute for indigenous peoples that provides appropriate formation of tribal leaders, empowering them to better address socio-cultural and political issues affecting their respective communities, and capacitating them with technical know-how in dealing with complex issues such as ancestral domain, environmental protection, cultural preservation, among others.
  • Work on modules and training programs that address “complex issues such as ancestral domain, environmental protection, cultural preservation, among others.”
  • Universities to support studies and researches on the market that provide the basis for the creation of a new economic system anchored on the principles of accountability, transparency, good governance, social justice, environmental responsibility, and the ultimate aspiration for the common good.
  • Share collaborative researches or studies on one area e.g. Ligawasan Marsh Study on the environment, peoples, economics, etc. Partner as well with Urios University and willing SUCs (like MSU-IIT).
  • Push paradigm shift to make environmental responsibility a cultural imperative.

What’s ongoing?

What has been done?

Mining in Mindanao: Analyzing Stakeholders and Strategic Engagements – (ADDU)

  • The five case studies included in the mining research:
    • Contestations in the Mountain of Gold: Digging the Cracks in the Tampakan Copper-Gold-Project- the South Cotabato Experience. (by: Rosalinda C. Tomas & Donnabelle G. Celebrado)
    • Balabag Exploration Project: Understanding Stakeholders and Analyzing Conflict (by: Regina Junio and Marlone Araneta)
    • Gold Mining in Canatuan, Siocon: Conflicts and Rewards (by: Perpy C. Tito)
    • Kabkab – Hakot! Nickel Mining in Claver, Surigao del Norte (by: Maria Cecilia Macabudo Ferolin)
    • Shifting Corporate Alignments and the Rise of Corporate Lumads in the Diwalwal Mining Site, Compostela Valley, A Mini Case Study (by: Jowel F. Canuday)
    • Mining in Mindanao by: Penelope C. Sanz

Researches:  (ADDU)

Conferences:  (ADDU)

Publications: (ADDU)

  • Proceedings of the International Conference on Mining in Mindanao
    (January 26-27, 2012)
  • Proceedings of the Stakeholders’ Caucus on Executive Order no. 79 s. 2012
    (July 18, 2012)
  • Proceedings of the Conference on Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining
    (November 15-16, 2012)

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