Jesuit Universities and Institutions in Mindanao as Convenors and Consensus Builders

What must be done?

  • Support peace initiatives by discussing the various peace processes (between the Government and the MILF, MNLF and the CPP-NPA) in classrooms, and university-wide discussions.
  • Activate and involve the network of Mindanao universities and colleges like the Mindanao Higher Education Institutions Serving Society (MindaHEISS) in this pursuit.

What’s ongoing?

  • More Pakighinabi or Pakighinabi-like sessions that include people from different disciplines, faiths, cultures and backgrounds. Session topics will address the action points of the Mindanao Conversations with an overall objective for social transformation. Sessions will have to be well documented and well-disseminated in the social media.
  • Support the forthcoming Muslim Intellectuals Conference whose main objective includes the drive towards dialogue.

What has been done?

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