Rejecting an Economy that Excludes and Developing Initiatives for the Creation of Wealth and its Equitable Distribution to Mindanawons

What must be done?

  • Universities to support studies and researches on the market that provide the basis for the creation of a new economic system anchored on the principles of accountability, transparency, good governance, social justice, environmental responsibility, and the ultimate aspiration for the common good.
  • Develop a new economy that is both gender-responsive and rights-based, that excludes none and responds to the needs of an increasingly just and humane society.
  • Promote an economy that creates wealth and equitably distributes it, beginning with real communities on the ground.
  • Propagate best practices and initiatives in entrepreneurship e.g. Lake Sebu Indigenous Women Weavers Association, Inc.
  • Institutional support for the vision of the Mindanao 2020 by integrating it in the curriculum and by using the document in leadership trainings.
  • Promote micro-finance to support socially just wealth creation; Harmonize it with Sharia-compliant finance progams.
  • Review the thrusts of our Colleges of Business, Management, and Governance. They must support the Action Points of the Mindanao Conversations and the Mindanao 2020.
  • Develop a group of young economists who are experts on the Mindanao economy; ADMU School of Economics through ADDU will help train young economists for service in Mindanao in the long term.
  • Support relevant research on the economy of Mindanao.

What’s ongoing?

What has been done?

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