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Mindanao Strategic Development Framework

NEDA Development Framework for Mindanao 2010-2020

The MSDF defines the role of Mindanao in national development as the country’s agri-industrial center, a role carved out of the current and emerging functions of the area and its potentials. This role is discussed in the three parts of this document, as follows: (a) the Vision Statement; (b) the Development Challenges; and (c) the Development Themes.

256e85f9511bcc84ab227d71fdbc2556The first part provides the Vision Statement of Mindanao by 2020. It highlights the island’s economic and human development aspirations that are expected to be achieved, buttressed by the island’s rich natural resources, competitive human resources, and strong public-private cooperation.

The second part discusses the Development Challenges of Mindanao, particularly the fundamental issues and concerns restricting the development of the island. It centers on the need to harness the rich resources of the island, achieve a pro-poor and inclusive economic growth, address unpeace, and strengthen good governance and partnership.

The final part lays out the Development Themes.These themes are specific and strategic interventions in the form of policies and/or programs, projects and activities that are expected to respond to the identified Development Challenges and lead to the achievement of the Vision for Mindanao.


MINDANAO 2020 Peace and Development
Framework Plan

We, the people of Mindanao from all across cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, have forged a collective effort to define our goals and chart our future through the formulation of the Mindanao 2020 Peace and Development Framework Plan,

We, as Mindanawons, pledge our unwavering commitment and support to this long-term roadmap that will guide and serve as a 20- year blueprint for Mindanao’s peace and socio-economic development.

We, from the government, private sector, NGOs/civil society, academe, interfaith groups, women, youth and media in Mindanao, took part in the participatory process that led towards the formulation of this plan, particularly during the assessment, consultation, focus group discussions, validation, finalization, quick survey, scenario building workshop and advocacy activities carried out by the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) together with key partners and stakeholders in Mindanao.

We recognize and appreciate the value of this Plan for Mindanao, as it embodies the priorities for the island-region and aims not only for enhanced trade and economic activities, greater mobility of people, goods and services within and across national boundaries, but also for the promotion of a true and sustainable peace among Mindanawons.

We will continue to champion the cause of Mindanao and bring Mindanao’s development issues to national government priorities. We aim for Mindanao to be valued as an island with rich socio-economic potentials necessary for our national development.

We, as stakeholders of Mindanao, will intensify efforts in building peace and development in the island-region and enjoin others for a more meaningful participation and stronger influence in shaping the future of Mindanao. 

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